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Sally de Wijn

Director SdW Therapy Services

OccuPLAYtional Therapist

About Sally

Sally graduated from La Trobe University in 2012 with a Bachelor's Degree in Occupational Therapy and Psychological Sciences, which fueled her passion for helping children.

She's a member of Occupational Therapy Australia and APHRA.

In 2015, she completed post-graduate studies in Child-Centered Play Therapy with Play Therapy Australia.

Currently, Sally is working on her DIR Floortime Training and pursuing a Masters in Inclusive Education.


Sally's approach involves using play to help children develop essential skills for daily life. She focuses on sensory experiences, play, and letting the child take the lead in therapy sessions. Through play, she helps children and families address developmental gaps and build a strong foundation for future skills.


Sally is an enthusiastic and fun-loving therapist who advocates for letting kids be kids. She often encourages parents to play with their children in various settings as part of her therapy. Sally believes in the power of play and has no plans of growing up anytime soon

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