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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be in the room with my child?

Yes, I believe to get the full benefit of therapy the best method is to have the parent learn alongside the child, this way the skills learnt can be used at home as well.

What about if I can't commit to being in the sessions?

I strongly recommend that parents are in all sessions with their child to gain the full benefits of therapy, unfortunately, if you can't commit to this, then the SdWTS Approach is not the best approach for therapy. 

Whom do you work with?

I work with any child with developmental delays or diagnoses, which may include, autism, intellectual disability, dyspraxia, speech delays, and fine motor and gross motor dealys. 

My child needs to work on handwriting (or other specific skill) - will you do this?

I believe that the best way to work on any skill that a child has been told they need to develop is through play. Therefore the sessions are extremely play-based and will allow the child to develop the base skills needed to further develop other skills in daily life.


Is your approach Neuro-Affirming?

Given that the way in which I work is a child-led approach, it is neuro-affirming and allows the child to participate in the session how they see fit.  With this approach, I work with children to develop through play the skills needed to function within the community. 

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