Why do you like working at SdW Therapy Services?

You are fully supported by the whole team

There is no such thing as a dumb question, no ego's and everyone just wants the best out of you and to provide the best for your clients

A Great environment to work

Even though you work independently, you still work as a team so you are never alone

Supervision is provided constantly and this is what makes SdW a great place for a new grad but also any OT looking for a change or returning back.

As a new grad It has been helpful to have a team around me that is supportive and always available to me to ask questions. The ability to access supervision whenever it is needed has made working with my case load a lot smoother.

I enjoy working at SdW Therapy Services as I feel welcomed, my job role is clear, it feels like a second family and there is always someone to ask if I am unsure about something.

We have a coffee machine!

Words to describe working at SdW Therapy Services:


If you would like to come work with us, please email a cover letter and resume to: sally@sdwtherapyservices.net

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Contact Us

Phone: 0409 555 573
Email: letsplay@sdwtherapyservices.net

Hours of Services:

Mon-Fri       9:00-5:30
Saturdays - Groups Only