Our Team

Vicki Andrew Senior Paediatric Occupational Therapist

Vicki is a local to the Melton area. She has been an O.T. for 30 years, undertaking her Bachelor of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy at Latrobe University and completing this in 1989. Vicki is a member of Occupational Therapy Australia as well as APHRA. She has a history of having worked in many different areas, including early intervention, outpatient management, assessment, and intervention in primary and secondary school settings. Vicki has further graduate qualifications in gerontology and business leadership, giving her experience of the full life span.

What Vicki does best is work with children and their families to identify their priorities and then assist to make positive changes to increase independent living tasks.

Vicki has a blended family of five children, so she knows how to play! She loves finding fun ways to learn and practice new skills. She knows what it is like to live in controlled chaos, and to love kids for who they are. She is friendly, caring, honest and open, and looks forward to meeting with you!

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