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Laura Hull Paediatric Occupational Therapist

Laura undertook her Bachelor Degree of Occupational Therapy Curtain University (WA). Laura is a member of Occupational Therapy Australia as well as APHRA.

Laura has always had a real passion for working with kids and since finishing her degree in 2017. She has developed a strong interest in paediatrics, specifically Autism, solidified by my part-time work as a Nanny and volunteer work at Autism West. Laura loves the flexibility that comes with being a Paediatric Occupational Therapist as you are able to work with children and their families in their natural environments to set and achieve collaborative goals.

During her role at Autism West she assisted children by modelling appropriate social behaviour, setting boundaries, assisting with community outings and facilitating occupation based activities to target fine-motor coordination and create socialisation opportunities.

Laura is a firm believer in family-centred practice to provided intervention for children with disabilities and developmental delays.

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