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Parent Engagement in Therapy

One hour a week can make a great difference in a child's journey but imagine the difference that could be made if you were engaging them 24 hours 7 days a week. - This is where you as a parent come in.


Parents must be engaged in the therapy journey with their child as they can then use the tools learnt within sessions to further assist their child outside of therapy.


At SdW Therapy Services parents are expected to be participants in their child's therapy journey, within the playroom during all sessions. This allows you as a parent to maximise your learning, increase your skills, and continue the therapy journey at home.

I am the therapist not a parent to your child and will never be able to replace the unconditional bond that you have with your child - non would we ever want to.  


With this in mind who is the best person to assist their child in developing? YOU are. I as the therapist am here to help and teach you the skills you need to do this.

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