Occupational Therapy

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy helps people participate in their daily activities.  

For children these are such things as: education, play skills and sports.


SdW Therapy Services provides services to children and their parents to enable children to fully participate within these activities. SdW Therapy Services use a play-based approach to teach children how to regulate their bodies, emotions and develop fine and gross motor skills.  


SdW Therapy Services educate parents and teachers in learning strategies to help children function within an educational, home or community environment. Occupational Therapy sessions can occur within the home or educational setting.

Who would benefit from Occupational Therapy?


Any child who is having difficulty with any of the following:


Fine Motor Skills – cutting, writing, and other school tasks

Gross Motor Skills – running, jumping, ball skills and climbing

Daily Activities of Living – dressing, eating and toilet training

Sensory Processing – self regulation and body awareness

Social Skills – playing with peers and within the playground

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