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Melanie Hansen

Registered Music Therapist (RMT)

Melanie undertook her master’s degree of music therapy at the University of Melbourne. She is a registered member of the Australian Music Therapy Association (AMTA) which is an APHRA registered body. 


Melanie has been a practicing RMT for 3 years, she began her practice in a major metropolitan hospital working in neurology, with a focus on using music to support communication, quality of life and emotional expression.


Melanie specialised in paediatrics in her degree and was very excited to return to working with children and families over a year ago. She believes it is important to support each child’s individual needs and work with families in the lead, they know their child best! 


Melanie loves working with children as she feels like a big kid herself. Her sessions are play based and activities are often joyful and silly with secret learning and hard work hidden by fun. She enjoys working closely with caregivers so the fun and learning can continue at home. 


Melanie is a warm, bright and bubbly therapist who is caring and passionate about the families she works with. She looks forward to meeting even more families this year.