Aqua OT

What is Aqua OT?

Aqua OT provides opportunities for all ages to improve their movement skills (fine/gross), manage their sensory behaviours and develop swimming and water safety skills

The program is designed to help clients progress towards inclusion in community swimming lessons./p>

Provides clients with greater freedom of movement they may not otherwise have. In sessions they can explore, improve and maintain movement abilities.

Sessions can:

Support the development of child's movement skills (in water), ability to practice communicating with others and also playing and social skills developed in water.

Help with transition to community-based swimming lessons by continuing to develop on mobility, water safety, and introducing swimming skills. It will also build confidence for child to be ready to move into swimming lessons.

Contact Us

Phone: 0409 555 573

Hours of Services:

Mon-Fri       9:00-5:30
Saturdays - Groups Only