OccuPLAYtional Therapy

The way in which we work is very different to other therapists as we believe in ensuring that long term goals are meet instead of just getting short term goals addressed.

We have combined two therapies into one, we use the fundamentals of both Occupational Therapy and Child Centred Play Therapy. Our practice looks like we are just playing with the child and that is exactly what we want, as we know this is the post powerful learning for a child.

It is important to us that we work within the child's environment as with our Occupational Therapy training, the environment is what can be manipulated to help achieve goals, therefore by working in this way we can see what is to be changed.

We believe that each child is able of succeeding in what they want to, it is just that they need the time and a strong unconditional relationship with someone (other than parents) who believes they can do it. Within this method it take time to get to know the child and the therapist to create that relationship, we tell our clients that at least the first 5 sessions are relationship building. It may look as though no work is being done, when realistically this is when the most important work is being done - a relationship is being built to teach the child that they can be who they are and that the therapist won't judge or tell them to be or do something different.

With this learning the child is able to then build on their skills and learn that they CAN succeed with things.

Our therapy is underpinned by the following guidelines or therapy models:

  • Family Centred Practice
  • Occupational Therapy and Occupational Performance
  • Play Therapy Practice
  • National ECIS Best Practice Principles
  • Victorian Early Years Learning and Developmental Framework
  • Strengths Based Approach

We feel it is important to immerse ourselves in the client’s world, allow them to get comfortable and trust us, and then given our relationship we can assist them in finding their way in the outside world.

One Therapist Many Angles

SdW Therapy Services provides services by drawing on knowledge from many disciplines. We work alongside other companies to ensure a team and well-informed approach to therapy.

While we prefer to not to call ourselves a ‘keyworker’, we are able to draw on our own knowledge and training backgrounds, as well as reach out to other professionals when needed. By doing so we are able to provide strong therapy in the areas we know, and seek assistance in others to ensure the best possible outcome for your child.

Ongoing professional development is key to our growth as therapists as well as being able to ensure we are up to date with the lasted research and evidence-based practice.

SdW Therapy Services ensures their therapists have opportunities to connect externally with other local specialists, again ensuring a well-educated and informed approach to your child’s therapy. Where needed a letter of referral will be supplied to other therapists to assist in providing a team approach.

We believe in drawing on each therapists’ strengths and all working together for the best possible therapy outcome.

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Hours of Services:

Mon-Fri       9:00-5:30
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