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Social Skills Groups

Social Skill and Play Based Groups 

Within all of our program’s children work on social skills, they have to learn about turn taking, sharing and asking for help.  They are also able to form friendship groups and continue to work on projects together throughout the term. 

All of our social skills programs are play based learning, we run on the idea that children know what they want to do and we are there as therapists to assist them in achieving their ideas.  We use the power of play to facilitate the children’s learning and developing process. 


Art Club

Art Club, allows children to enjoy and experience different art and craft activities.  It is an unstructured facilitated program which allows children the ability to explore their own creations with the assistance of therapists where needed.  Children are allowed to choose from many different activities each fortnight and explore these activities using their own imagination.  Children love to use out very useful box to make and create new ideas from recycled objects.  Children also have the opportunity to paint, draw, colour, and cut to imagine ang create many different things.  


Brick Club 

Brick Club 2.0

Brick club uses a simple concept of the world’s most known toy brick.  Children get to explore the large collection of bricks to create whatever their heart desires.  Children, use their imaginations to create castles, dragons, as well as racing tracks and diggers.  They also get the opportunity to explore a large collection of books to assist in providing ideas and ways of producing their desired project.  During their work with the brick’s children are also working on fine motor and visual processing skills which aide in their everyday life especially at school with things such as reading and writing. 


Bush Therapy

During bush therapy children get to explore the wonders of nature and how they can play and react with it. They are free to climb trees and dig holes, get dirty and wet and love it.  Children spend time wading the river looking for animals or floating stick boats. They learn to work together to build a tree house or a damn to help them cross the river.  Children learn to listen to the sounds of nature and look forward each fortnight to seeing the different animals that frequent the national park.  Being out in nature enable children to develop their gross motor, vestibular and proprioception skills, these are important to ensure great core development which will in turn assist in developing more advanced skills such as fine motor for school. 

Handwriting and Fine Motor Fun

Fine motor and Pre-Writing Fun

Children will engage in many different activities to promote fine motor development as well as fine motor strength. Development of the muscles important for writing will be developed to assist with maintaining grasp and stamina during writing takes. Children will also learn handwriting appropriate to their age and development, this will include pre writing shapes, as well as correctly and most functional letter formation. Children will develop and understanding of letter sizes and appropriate position of letters on lines.

Play and Learn

Come and have some fun with your toddler to pre-school aged child!   In this group both your child and yourself are supported and encouraged to take part in a variety of fun activities to extend your child’s ability to attend play-groups and kindergarten. It’s also an opportunity to meet other parents/carers in similar situations to yourself.


Skills practiced include tolerating the presence of other children and trusted adults, greeting others and following simple instructions, sitting in a group for floor based activities, pre-writing skills (drawing, shape recognition), early scissor skills (holding scissors, making snipping cuts), body awareness, sharing, taking turns, and eating at a table with others.  It’s a great play-space to try out these tricky skills that are harder to learn than we may think!

Music Club

Music club allows children to enjoy music and use it to form social connections.  Learning to play instruments in time as well as together, is great fun.  Children will learn to take turns and adjust their volumes of playing to suit others in the group.  Children also learn about different types of music and songs. While having a great time.