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Alicia is the first person that you encounter when enquiring at SdW Therapy Services!


If you have any queries, questions or concerns about appointments, invoices, payment or just after some information about us, please feel free to drop me a line, you can call, email, text or even fax me! I am always happy to help. 


You will also see my smiling face in some of the groups we run here at SdW Therapy Services I am assisting our wonderful therapists run their groups. I do really enjoy watching the children grow their confidence in group as the term goes on, and seeing what they achieve within the groups.

Alicia has a background in Childcare, and has been able to transfer these skills to assist in running out groups as a Therapy Assistant. Alicia also knows a thing or two about raising children, as she had 5 of her own!

Alicia is amazing at ensuring that everything SdW Therapy Services runs smoothly, and keeps the rest of us in line. 

Alicia Nordbye

Practice Manager

 Occupational Therapy Assistant